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Whilst you're here... To discover Everlasting Weight Loss read on my friend...
MYTH: Diet & Exercise = Weight Loss
BUSTED: There's A Missing Link To This Equation!
Here's the TRUTH about how to lose weight (for good) and AVOID spending 18 hours at the gym whilst eating like a rabbit ...
Sound familiar?
You've done everything by the book, but the weight hasn't budged...
You've eaten all the right foods, cut out the crap, exercised until you resemble Edward Cullen sparkling in the daylight (cos, sweat right) or.... do lose some weight...
But inevitably life happens, throws you a curve ball and next thing you know...

WHAMO!   It's back.. with a vengeance!   So now what? 
You kick yourself for letting this happen...
You wait until monday rolls around Again
You tighten Up Your Food choices (But Those Delicious Foods you said goodbye to keep calling your name) 
You train twice a day (like who has time for that?) But you're determined that it's gonna work this time, so you make it happen (No Pain, No Gain, Right?)
Success is slow, Frustration kicks in, and you eat your feelings again (hello Ice Cream, my old friend)
THe Missing Link...
That Torture You're Feeling Right Now... 
... you don't have to experience that anymore. You can stop beating yourself up. You're not broken. There's nothing wrong with you. In fact there's probably nothing really wrong with the programs you've been doing (cos there's been more than one right? It's ok, your secret's safe with me).

There's one crucial component missing that's required for real and permanent body transformation.
I tried it all...
I was stuck in the vicious weight loss cycle of yo-yo dieting.
I had tried every possible diet, sometimes very extreme and even dangerous ones. I would lose some weight and then put it back on, plus more for good measure. Every diet resulted in more weight gain. 
It was constantly on my mind. It took up way too much of my headspace and I disliked my body more and more as I went through the years. I felt that my body had betrayed me. 
I wanted to be fit and healthy and yet I was met by sabotage at every turn. It felt like my back was up against a wall and there was no way for me to reach my goals.

I had also become very confused, with all the conflicting nutritional information that I had collected over the years.
Then I realised that I already held the answer in my fingertips.
I had already been using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) with my clients for many years (I'm a registered psychologist)

 I hadn’t considered using it to support my attempts at achieving the body I had always wanted (*facepalm* I'm human after all).

Using the healing power of EFT Tapping, plus the creative power of the Law of Attraction, I began my permanent weight loss journey. 
just imagine
Finally achieving the body that matches the amazing human you already are! 
It's not just about losing weight to look good... 

It's about the life you gain and the experiences you can have when your body can function at it's best.
Want to Know a secret?..
Clothes Off The Rack
Feel confident
hang out with mates
Easily fit into spaces
feel fit and free
fall pregnant
Freedom of Movement
Gain ample Energy
experience fun activities
The Good News is...
You can achieve the body you desire without...
Yo-Yo dieting, feeling shame, despair and frustration, hating your current body shape, feeling all consumed about all things weight loss, constantly struggling and beating yourself up.
Weight Loss
Is more than food and exercise program! 
 Is more than just looking good...
Become an automatic fat burner
If you've ever eaten on point and exercised regularly to only find you've not lost weight (sometimes frustratingly  you may have even gained weight) there's often an emotional block that's halting your progress. 

Your physical body and your emotional body are linked. Your holistic self needs to be in alignment for your body to release the weight. This is where most programs fail. They address the physical component well (food and training) however they often skip the emotional component altogether, or offer a fluffy 'mindset module' that doesn't reach the emotional triggers that are personal to you. 

Everlasting Weight Loss helps you identify the emotional blocks, clear them once and for all,  turning your fat burner switch on! 
Unlock THE life you love! 
What would your day look like if you could physically do everything you'd like to do, that you can't do at the moment?

What would your day look like if you had ample energy to keep doing all those activities that bring you joy and fun?

What would your day look like if you had the peace, clarity and confidence that being free from emotional blocks brings you?

Everlasting Weight Loss helps you align your mind body and soul so you can unlock the life you love that loves you right back. 

Clear The Blocks, Get Into Alignment,
Flick The Switch, & Get Ready For Results!
Everlasting Weight Loss is designed to re-program your mindset by eliminating negative emotions and beliefs with EFT Tapping (see-ya self sabotage), whilst instilling confidence, clarity and willpower on autopilot for faster, permanent weight loss (hello gorgeous body). 
So what is EFT Tapping I hear you ask...
It's kinda like psychology meets acupuncture (without the painful needles).
You identify the emotional blocks and triggers whilst tapping through a specific sequence of meridian energy points on your body. EFT Tapping clears and re-wires the underlying unconscious behaviours that are responsible for our actions, including those like self sabotage. It's fast, painless, effective and often works when nothing else does, as it addresses the whole person - physically, logically and emotionally.  
9-step EFT Tapping Re-wire program
3 Weeks to completion
3 Bonuses that crush self sabotage
Community support with access to suzanne & Live Q&A
Module 1: Feeling Safe
We start by identifying and clearing your past or present unsafe experiences and emotional blocks.

If you don't feel safe, your body won't release the weight. Safety can look different for everyone. Maybe you've had a past trauma (sexual abuse). Ever been bullied or body shamed? Maybe you're unconsciously wary of gaining attention once you've lost the weight. How about your partner, maybe you're worried that losing weight will cause issues between you both? 

Together we will address all this and more. 
Module 2: Identify & Crush Limiting Beliefs
In this module we move into identifying and clearing the 'junk thoughts' and 'soul crushers' which have accumulated over the years. 

What if I told you, you've been programmed to hold faulty beliefs...

Separate from safety, these beliefs often sound like: 'I'm not good enough', 'I'll never be that size', 'My family is big, it's genetic', 'What's the point anymore', 'I won't be loved until I'm thin'.

These limiting beliefs were put there. By past experiences,  magazines, cultural expectations, and other people's opinions. They're not yours. They're not true. 
EFT Tapping will help you clear the old junk beliefs and re-wire them with healthy beliefs that actually serve you.
Module 3: The Art Of Self Love
Perhaps the most important and challenging part of your weight loss journey, is the ability to truly connect with and deeply love yourself - every step of the way. 

"The size of your body, does not determine the size of your soul"  - Jodi Tala 

This module helps to release the pain, discomfort and distress that often engulfs people during their weight loss attempts. Left unchecked, these emotions can result in people feeling isolated, withdrawn, hopeless and further distain towards their own body. 
Weight loss doesn't have to be a hard, gruelling, rise and grind experience
When your mind and body come into alignment, it's exciting to see the weight start melting away.
Yep You Read it right...
This IS NOT a limited time deal...
We don't like or believe in that fake scarcity stuff!

This is THE REAL DEAL though. Everlasting Weight Loss is the missing link that you've been searching for. 
Peace, confidence, clarity and a fit and healthy body are all waiting for you on the other side.

Ready for it?   Good, Let's Go!
Take 14 Days to put me to the test with my money-back Guarantee if you are not 100% Satisfied
I’m so passionate about partnering with you to help you on your weight loss journey and want to make it as easy as humanly possible for you to give a confident “yes”. 

If you’re on the fence… or if other online programs or gurus have left you skeptical… 

….I want to give you EVERY opportunity to put Everlasting Weight Loss into action, experience how easy and exciting it can be to implement the content.

And here’s how I’ll prove it to you...

Try Everlasting Weight Loss for 14 days. Watch the videos. Do the tapping. Participate in the Key To Happiness community. Email my team ANY question that’s nagging you. If you don’t agree that you’re getting far more value than what you've paid for, then shoot us an email at and we’ll refund your money, amicably part ways and still stay friends. Cool?.. Great! 
+ Bonuses
Score these amazing bonuses to help keep you on the bandwagon (incase you find yourself face first in the ice cream tub again, cos human right!?) 
1: Emergency Lifeline before You decide to quit again
When you feel like giving up (hey, no judgment, we've all been there) make sure you watch this video first. 

Life can get a little sticky sometimes (hello pandemic, day-day stress and all that) this video is your lifeline for those moments. Work through the emotions (rather than eat them) and get back on track before you even fall off! 

2: Swap It Out & Re-Wire Your Mind Guide
This handy visual PDF will help you through the most common weight loss pressure points. 

It will encourage you to swap a negative thought for a positive one (examples given) and provides easy bite sized actions to apply. 

Results are a clearer, less burdened mind keeping you focused on achieving your goal. 
3: Emotional Emergency, Weapons of fat destruction TOOL BOX
Here you'll find a library of Tapping and Law of Attraction videos, plus downloadable audio meditations and visualisations.

Designed for you to jump in and out of (kinda like picking the right tool for the job) when you're needing it most! 
The EFT companion Mindset tool that you can tap into time and time again
Everlasting Weight Loss Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $297)

Bonus: Feel Like Giving Up. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $27)

Bonus: Swap It Out . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $27)

Bonus: Stay On The Bandwagon Tool Kit. . . . . . . (Value $97)

Community Vibes . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Priceless)

Monthly Live Facebook Q&A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $180)

they said
Real people. Real Results
Rose Moore
I found a safe and loving space & saw improvements
I have struggled for years with weight loss, self sabotage and emotional baggage. It wasn't until I met Suzanne and found a safe and loving space to delve into my issues that I saw any real improvements.
Her program, technique and skill have helped me enormously to better understand myself, love and forgive myself and start living my best life. I am still learning but her weight loss program and guided EFT tapping is incredibly useful for continued personal growth.
jodi Tala
I finally have my life back!
 I was stuck. I was eating well and training and nothing was shifting.  It was beyond frustrating. My trainer was amazing and getting great results for his other clients, but it wasn't happening for me. That completely changed once I found Suzanne and learned about the mental blocks that were holding me back. I've lost over 22kg following the same training and eating plan that I had before. It's amazing what happens when your mind and body align. The needle shifts faster than anything I've ever experienced. Thank you Suzanne for guiding me back to my healthy happy body! 
Rock Solid Support
Suzanne brings wisdom, empathy and humour to her tapping program. She has been a fearless guide and rock solid support for me on my journey towards becoming my best possible self. If you are ready for change and have an opportunity to work with her, do it!
The EFT companion Mindset tool that you can tap into time and time again
Everlasting Weight Loss Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $297)

Bonus: Feel Like Giving Up. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $27)

Bonus: Swap It Out . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $27)

Bonus: Stay On The Bandwagon Tool Kit. . . . . . . (Value $97)

Community Vibes . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Priceless)

Monthly Live Facebook Q&A. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $180)

you asked
we answered...
How is the material delivered?

After you successfully purchase, you will receive an email with our members area login instructions. Make sure you keep this email / bookmark the link so you can login again in the future. Our membership area houses all of our content. Each module has videos for you to watch, Tapping and Law of Attraction (loa) audios that you can download, plus the exciting bonus goodies! 
  How long do I have access to the program?

Once you've purchased the program it's yours for life. You'll also receive any updates we make to the program along the way. You can complete the program in as little as 3 days or stretch it out to 3 weeks (we recommend working through 1 module per week). You can also spend as much time in there as you'd like to rewatch any of the material - the more you tap the better results you'll achieve. 
  I don't have much time, how long will this take me?

In just under 15 minutes every day you can start to identify old faulty beliefs, clear them and create new patterns of thinking. You'll feel less stressed within minutes, and a sense of calm and control return to your life and build the mental grit needed to keep you consistent in your journey #consitencyiskey. If you choose to adopt tapping & loa as a daily practice, you'll find that you achieve bigger shifts in all areas of your life. 
  Why should I try this when nothing else has worked?

Good question and valid point. I was right there with you back in the beginning of my own journey. Tapping often works when nothing else does. EFT is unique in the way that it allows you to bring forth the negative emotions and clear them, rather than learn strategies on how to live with and just cope with them. It fuses Eastern practices of energy healing (read: meridians) & Western practices of talk therapy, together to bring you a modality that helps to rewrite the brains neural pathways quickly , allowing you to re-wire old faulty, often subconscious, patterns of thinking and swapping them with connections that serve you. 
  What if I don't know what words to use?

This isn't as hard as you might think. Suzanne will guide you through choosing the most effective words to help you reach your goals. You can also tap into the Key To Happiness community and ask questions and get help from Suzanne and other people on the same path as you. 
I've seen Suzanne in her clinic before, should I still purchase this program?
In short: 100% yes! This program is designed for you to do at home or on the run. It will be perfect to help you continue/maintain the shifts and progress you're already making in your clinic sessions.  
  What if I decide this isn't for me?

I stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 14 days of purchase. No worries. BUT, I will also tell you that I'm obsessed with bringing the best product to market that I can - have a suggestion? Let me customise the product for YOUR NEEDS.
  What if I need help from a professional?

You're in luck! I'm a certified & registered psychologist, plus a certified and accredited EFT practitioner and life transformation coach. I have a private clinic here in Cairns Australia, and I work online with clients around the world. I've developed my online coaching program called The Inspired Insiders which is like having a mini me in your pocket 24/7. I'm also easily reached via email at
What Would Your Life Look Like if THis time it worked?
"At First You Think It's Just Physical. Then You Realise That Building A Fit & Healthy Body Requires You To Develop A Strong & Healthy Mindset." 
The EFT companion Mindset tool that you can tap into time and time again
Everlasting Weight Loss Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $297)

Bonus: Feel Like Giving Up. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $27)

Bonus: Swap It Out . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Value $27)

Bonus: Stay On The Bandwagon Tool Kit. . . . . . . (Value $97)

Community Vibes . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Priceless)

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